The Return to the Kink Meme

In my attempt to get back to doing fandom the way I used to do fandom before, I jumped head-first into the Sherlock Kink Meme (both the archive on LJ, and the active(ish) one on DW). And so far it's been... brilliant? Sort of.

It's amazingly fun going through the prompts. (All of them. I read all of them. Some I just glaze over, because omega verse still isn't my cup of tea.) I'm pleasantly surprised at what a Mary friendly zone it is. One of my greatest fears was that 90 % of the prompts would be along the lines of "John divorces Mary because he can never forgive her and etc etc", but no. Sure, they are there, but most prompts don't mention Mary or are Mary positive! So, yäy!

Sadly, though, the prompts seem to go unfilled these days. I know that's how a kink meme works, you throw out a prompt and keep your fingers crossed and then most of them doesn't get filled at all, but it feels like the fill rate is much lower now than it once was. A lot more prompts seem to be given RFYI than new fills. I suppose this comes with an aging fandom. The first three years there weren't enough fics for a lot of RFYI. Most stories weren't written then, but they are now and... well. I just makes me a little bit sad that the prompt meme is slowly turning into a rec meme. I know how I sound (Turn down the music and get off my lawn!!) but yeah...

In a spur of "Be The Change", I have picked a couple of prompts I really, really want to fill. I thought (stupidly) that I could write something short and sweet in an evening, post it anonymously and just fill the meme with fills! Now instead I have four unfinished fics with the potential to be massive project and no real time or energy to finish any of them.

So I go there again, to see if I can find another one, to maybe, maybe, find something I can finish quickly.

Short Message Service Vol. XXIII - Weather

Summary: A recent study concluded that the United Kingdom is the most weather obsessed nation in Europe, so it's no wonder that even Sherlock and not!Anthea can't avoid talking about the weather from time to time (no matter how much they like to think of themselves as different to everyone else).

Notes: The same study stated that Sweden is the third most weather obsessed nation in Europe (Norway beats us!) so I think I might be qualified to write this. As all theme ones this take place in the obscure time span of "from before ASiP to last moments of HLV".

Apart from that, I've been a terrible mother to this installment, having it lying around my HD for months only to send it to zedille for betaing when her finals started. (So I've been bad there too... I'm sorry...) Thank you for all your help! I appreciate even the parts I ignore ;)

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