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Short Message Service Vol. XXIII - Weather

Summary: A recent study concluded that the United Kingdom is the most weather obsessed nation in Europe, so it's no wonder that even Sherlock and not!Anthea can't avoid talking about the weather from time to time (no matter how much they like to think of themselves as different to everyone else).

Notes: The same study stated that Sweden is the third most weather obsessed nation in Europe (Norway beats us!) so I think I might be qualified to write this. As all theme ones this take place in the obscure time span of "from before ASiP to last moments of HLV".

Apart from that, I've been a terrible mother to this installment, having it lying around my HD for months only to send it to zedille for betaing when her finals started. (So I've been bad there too... I'm sorry...) Thank you for all your help! I appreciate even the parts I ignore ;)

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Help us to survive -- Epilogue

Summary: A crime scene involving a dead anorexic woman hits close to home for John and Sherlock, leading John to discover a disturbing pattern and Sherlock to face his eating disorder in new light.

Notes: This is part of the Eating us Alive verse and will make more sense if you have read at least Eating us Alive and Eating us Alive, again, first. The raw first draft of this story was written around the time I finished posting Eating us Alive, again. At that time, its sole purpouse was to entertain a friend. It was never my intention to create actual plot and make it public, but with the help and inspiration of willowmeg that happened anyway. I’m so grateful for the support throughout this, thank you.

I apoligise in advance for the severe hand waving I’ve occasionally done when it comes to medicine and to criminal law.

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